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Real Time Camera Images

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is pleased to present this website for highway real time camera images. Here, you will be able to view images from various roadway locations. Each of these images are about 20K in size and are updated approximately every 2 to 5 minutes.

Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) - Real Time Traffic Information


Interstate 84/91 Interchange Interstate 95
Interstate 91 Route 25

Try out the new map interface for the Connecticut traffic cameras here

Interstate 84/91 Interchange Interstate 95
(Travelers Bldg) Hartford Greenwich
I-95 Greenwich N/B West of Exit 2 James St 
Greenwich S/B Between Exits 3-2 Ritch Ave
Greenwich S/B Between Exits 3-2 @Weigh Station
Greenwich N/B Exit 3 Steamboat Road
Interstate 91 Greenwich S/B Between Exits 4-3 Kinsman Avenue
Exit 27  Hartford Greenwich N/B Exit 4 Indian Field Road
I-91 New Haven North of
I-95 Exit 48
Greenwich S/B Between Exits 5-4 West of Strickland Ave
Greenwich S/B Exit 5 Riverside Avenue
Route 25 Greenwich N/B Exit 5 Rte 1 Connector
Rte 25 Bridgeport S/B North
of I-95 Exit 27
Greenwich S/B Between Exits 6-5 Laddin Rock Road
Stamford N/B Exits 6-7 Wilson St
Stamford N/B Between Exits 7-8 Atlantic St
Stamford S/B Exit 8 Clark Hill
Stamford N/B Between Exits 9-9 Lockwood Ave
Stamford S/B Exit 9 Boston Post Rd
Darien S/B Exits 10-9 Darien Rest Area
Darien S/B Exits 10-9 Hollow Tree Ridge
Darien N/B Exit 10 Norton Ave
Darien S/B Exit 10 South
Darien N/B Exit 12 East of Bridge 44
Darien N/B Exits 12-13 Darien Rest Area
Darien S/B Exit 13 Kings Highway North
Norwalk N/B Exits 13-14 Richards Ave
Norwalk S/B Exits 14-13 Rampart Road
Norwalk S/B Exit 14 Taylor Avenue
Norwalk S/B Exit 15 Stuart Ave
Norwalk S/B North Exit 15 @ Rte 7 - CT. Ave
Norwalk N/B Exit 15 @ AMTRAK/Metro North Railroad
Norwalk N/B Exits 16-17 Karen Dr
Westport S/B Exit 17 Saugatuck Ave
Westport N/B Exits 17-18 Elaine Rd
Westport S/B Exits 18-17 Hales St
Westport S/B Exits 18-17 Compo Hills Pond
Westport N/B Exit 18 Beachside Rd
Westport S/B Exits 19-18 New Creek Rd
Westport N/B Exits 18-19 Maple Ave
Westport N/B Exits 18-19 Sasco Creek
Fairfield S/B Exit 19 Mill Hill Rd
Fairfield N/B Exits 20-21 Pine Creek
Fairfield N/B Exit 22 Fairfield Rest Area N/B
Fairfield N/B Exit 22 North Benson Rd
Fairfield S/B Exit 23 Meadowbrook Rd
Fairfield S/B Exits 24-23 New England Ave
Fairfield S/B Exits 25-24 Brentwood Rd
Bridgeport N/B Exit 25 Fairfield Ave
Bridgeport N/B Exit 26 Wordin Ave
Bridgeport N/B Exit 27 Myrtle Ave
Bridgeport N/B Exit 27 West of Main St
Rte 25 Bridgeport S/B North of I-95 Exit 27
Bridgeport N/B east of Exit 29 Beardsley St
Stratford N/B Exit 30 Surf Ave
Stratford S/B Exit 31 Honeyspot Rd
Stratford N/B Exit 31 South Ave
Stratford S/B Exits 33-32 Main St
Stratford S/B Barnum Ave east of Exit 33
Milford S/B Exits 34-33 Naugatuck Ave
Milford N/B Exit 34 Bridgeport Ave
Milford S/B Exit 35 School House Rd
Milford N/B Exit 36 Plains Rd
Milford S/B Exit 38 Milford Pkwy
Milford S/B Exits 39-38 West River Rd
Milford S/B Exits 39-38 Orange Ave
Milford N/B Exit 39 Boston Post Rd
Milford N/B Exits 40-41 @ Milford Rest Area
West Haven
West Haven S/B Exits 42-41 Morgan Ln
West Haven N/B Exits 41-42 Ailing Crossing
West Haven S/B East of Exit 42 Greta St
West Haven S/B Exit 43 First Ave
New Haven
New Haven N/B Exits 44-45 Kimberly Ave
New Haven N/B Exits 45-46 Long Wharf Dr
New Haven N/B Exit 47 Canal Dock
Route 34 New Haven W/B north of I-95 Exit 47
I-91 New Haven North of I-95 Exit 48
New Haven N/B Exit 48 East St
New Haven N/B Exit 49 Stiles St
East Haven
East Haven S/B Exit 51 Saltonstall Pkwy
East Haven N/B Exits 52-53 West of Lake Saltonstall
Branford N/B Exits 53-54 Branford Service Area
Branford S/B Exit 55 West of Rt 1 on-ramp
Branford N/B west of Exit 56
Click here for a clickable map of the Hartford Camera locations.
Interstate95 Traffic Video Cams brought to you as a public-private partnership between MetroCommute and ConnDOT.
Additional camera locations throughout the state will be made available in the future.

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Last modified: November 14, 2002