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How many hours does a Lion usually sleep?
A) 10
B) 15
C) 20
D) 24
What type of mammal is a collie?
A) Cat
B) Dog
C) Camel
D) Bird
What part of your body gives you balance?
A) Mallus
B) Stapes
C) Semilunar Canal
D) Arms
What's 100+200-100+500-100(2) ??
A) 500
B) 550
C) 300
D) 0
When writing a letter what does x's and o's mean
A) I want to play TicTacToe
B) I'll be home soon
C) Hug's
D) Hug's + kiss's
Are Java and Javascript the same because of their names?
D) What's Java & Javascript
What Browser has the most DHTML Extentions?
A) Netscape
B) Internet Explorer
C) Microsoft Express
D) Others
What Month did Columbus discover America?
A) September
B) November
C) July
D) October
Who was our first President?
A) Thomas Jefferson
B) Goerge Washington
C) Grant
D) John Adams
Who wrote the "Scralet Letter"
A) Cooper
B) Longfellow
C) Hawthorne
D) Poe