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Real Time Camera Images

User Instructions: 
--Zoom in or out using the "zoom +" or "zoom -" buttons on the upper left corner of the map.
--Navigate the map using the buttons on the outer edges of the map or just click on any portion of the map to re-center it.
--The green diamonds represent traffic cameras.  Hovering over them with your mouse will display a description of the camera.
--Click on a green dot to see a camera. 
--Most of the cameras will refresh automatically every 5 seconds.  You can change the refresh interval by clicking on the links below the camera.

Map Interface Copyright 2002 James Miesel


Set refresh interval to:
1 sec | 2 sec | 3 sec | 5 sec | 10 sec
(times are approximate due to varying connection speeds)

The Flash 6 player is required to view this page correctly.  Download the Flash 6 player here.

NOTE: The camera is located adjacent to the directional roadway listed on the image (i.e. 'N' for North or 'S' for South), but may be pointed in either direction. For example, if the image is marked 'NB', this means that traffic closest to the camera is moving northbound.

Interstate95 Traffic Video Cams brought to you as a public-private partnership between MetroCommute and ConnDOT.
Additional camera locations throughout the state will be made available in the future.

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Last modified: November 14, 2002